What makes a contemporary bathroom?

  • After a year of uncertainty, there’s been a shift towards really understanding the importance of mindful living. We’re making the clear choice to reduce clutter and clear out our living spaces to create more open and welcoming homes. The popularity of home improvement projects has boomed while we’ve been in lockdown, and as part of this there’s been a shift in perception from bathrooms being standard, functional areas in the home, to them being an integral safe space where we can go to escape the day.

    At Wetwall we have always understood the importance of a functional but aesthetically pleasing bathroom, which is why the growth in this Contemporary look is so exciting. But how do we achieve this look in practice?

    When designing a Contemporary bathroom, it’s all about sleek lines and simple colours, paired with minimalist styling, a look that can easily be achieved with the help of our shower panels.

    We’ve highlighted some of our favourite designs below to help you begin the journey.

    1. Black and White

    Sometimes, it’s best to go back to basics.  

    For an ultra-high-end look, consider a glass effect look in your bathroom, one solid colour with a reflective surface. Our Jet Black and Arctic Breeze panels from the Acrylic range will do just that. Bringing a clean, fresh look to a shower enclosure with their chic silk finish, Acrylic panels give a bathroom a calm and collected feel.

    A plain colour shower enclosure will be the perfect background to then build upon. While our Jet Black Acrylic panels can be the backdrop for lighter accessories, our Arctic Breeze panels bring a neutral flair to the room, easily allowing you to play around with different materials: wooden cupboards, geometric flooring or a bold free-standing bathtub.

    Our Acrylic panels give the luxury look of glass, at a fraction of the price. Easy to cut down on site, they come ready to install with our colour coordinated trims. They give a hint of luxury to any bathroom enclosure, while being convenient and quick to clean for the homeowner after installation.


    2. Bold statements with wood.

    Wood is an extremely versatile material. Paired with the right furniture and accessories it can be used to achieve a contemporary, modern and rustic look. However, wood in your bathroom is a recipe for disaster, that’s where we come in.

    The natural wooden décor of our Dark Wood panel brings a welcome respite from the concrete jungle outside. And while real wood might suffer from the humidity of a bathroom, our wood decor shower panels give the impression of real wood, but with the reliability of the non-porous, watertight Wetwall System. 


    3. Tiles

    When searching for contemporary bathroom ideas, you should consider elements with geometric shapes and sharp corners. Theses accents can be featured on flooring, through angular furnishings, or even on your walls. The rectangular edges of our Composite panels bring this vision to life.

    Available in black, white, or grey they can be introduced as the focal statement wall or as a more subtle and complimentary addition to your colour scheme. Pair with a sleek circular mirror to help offset the hard edges, or soften the look using wooden furniture to accomplish the contemporary feel.

    And while our Composite look great, they’re practical too. They offer the look of tiles but they can be installed without any of the hassle! Not only do they not require grout, but they take only a fraction of the time that real tiles do to install. That means a quicker install, and less mess.


    Whether you’re spoilt for space or struggling with restricted dimensions, the contemporary style can be easy to achieve. It’s a style that comes with a lot of freedom for interpretation, and while we’ve outlined three quick ways to bring shower panels into your contemporary bathroom, we have over 70 decors to choose from to bring this look to life.

    We’re always here to help, just get in touch!