Installation – Laminate


    1. Fit an internal corner profile into the corner using appropriate fixings (screws), ensuring that the heads are countersunk to prevent fouling when fitting the panel.

    2. Remove the film from the face of the panel and check for defects prior to cutting to size.

    3. Apply a bead of sealant into one side of the internal corner profile, the amount of sealant applied should cover the channel bottom to a depth of at least 2mm.

    4. The panels should be fitted such that a gap is formed between the bottom of the panels and the shower tray of between 3-4mm this should be filed with sealant and cleaned off flush with the front of the panels once all the panels have been fitted. (If using a wetseal profile kit please refer to the instructions provided within kit – and refer to video below).

    5. If end cap profiles are being used then these should be fitted to the outer edges of the panel now.

    6. Apply a generous amount of adhesive in “snakes” to the panel and fit into place ensuring that the edge of the panel is inserted into the internal corner and a good seal achieved.

    7. Repeat sections 2-6 for the second panel.


    Click here to download our full laminate installation guide