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    Our Flooring system is both hard, stable and most importantly 100% waterproof. We’ve designed it to be perfect for any room in the house creating a warm comfortable surface perfect for bare feet. It has an R10 slip rating ensuring it’s as safe as it is good looking.

    Unlike tiles our waterproof flooring does not require grout so is completely resistant to mould, making both cleaning and maintenance simple. The combination of its waterproof structure and its extra tight lock, which seals out water for 24 hours, leaving time for spills to dry out or wipe clean, makes our flooring an ideal choice for both bathrooms and kitchens alike.

    Effortless installation allows DIY’ers to complete the job quickly and easily using only a Stanley knife. No specialist tools or skills are required.

    Our Antibacterial Coating has been specially developed to protect the floor against bacteria. Its revolutionary coating formulation eliminates more than 99% of the most harmful bacteria without the use of chemical agents.

    All our products come with a no quibble 15 year guarantee.


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