How to make a small bathroom look bigger

  • We’ve said it before and we will say it again: to us, the bathroom is the most important room in your house. It’s where we start our day, so it needs to be a warm and welcoming retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. With the average bathroom in the UK being smaller than 3m2, it’s imperative that we do more with the little space that we do have to create an aesthetically pleasing yet equally practical design.

    The décor choice, accessories and layout can have a huge impact on how the room feels. Below we’ve outlined a few ways to make the most of a smaller sized bathroom with our shower panels: from colours choices to panel finishes, there’s a bunch of easy fixes that will help to build a spacious bathroom.

    1. Use high gloss walls to reflect the light

    It’s important to utilise any light that your bathroom might have. If you’re lacking natural light in your room, it’s a great idea to use a backlight on your mirror, or add large, full-length mirrors to a wall to reflect what light there is.

    Further to this, installing high gloss surfaces will bounce the rays around and create the illusion of a larger space.

    Our  Acrylic panels are available with a gloss finish – the perfect shiny surface to fit this bill. Here, shown in our Light Grey décor, you can see how the room is lifted from the reflection of the panel, making it feel brighter and bigger.

    It’s a really easy fix for a small bathroom, so whether you’re tight on budget or short on time, it’s a great first step.



    2. Keep your colours light and bright

    It’s often assumed that bright, white walls are best for a smaller bathroom, but this isn’t the case. Off-white and light, pastel colours are a dreamy match for brightening up the room, while giving it a soft glow that – unlike pure white – feels warm and inviting.

    Our Lavender pastel panel from the Acrylic range, shown here, is a perfect example of a light, airy room. Paired with a light bath matt, simple mirror, and minimal accessories this room feels open and clean.

    Lilac Mermaid Brilliance Room Set 1800x1800x1800 - CROPPED.jpg

    3. Make it a wet room!

    A great option can be designing a wet room that utilises the entire space of a bathroom, while removing unnecessary accessories and minimizing clutter. Removing the shower enclosure entirely opens your bathroom to a whole new host of opportunities, and Wetwall is a great option to have that room without the need for mouldy grout. Our panels eliminate the length installation of tiles, and they’re so easy to maintain that it’ll save you hours of cleaning once installed! 

    For a stunning wet room, here are a few great options from our Timeless Trade range:
    Arctic Marble, Cream Stone and Galaxy White. 

    Arctic-Marble-Wetwall (1).jpg

    Galaxy-White-Wetwall (1).jpg
    Have a go with the ideas from above to transform your small bathroom into a stylish, airy space. Don’t forget to tag us on social, we love to see our panels out and about, and we’ll share our favourites! #Wetwall