How It Works

  • We’ve been making Wetwall, the UK’s best selling shower panel in our base in Perthshire, Scotland for the last twenty-five years and we still design, build and test all our Wetwall panels on site.


    Our panels are for those who want the look and feel of beautiful natural stone, glass or other modern materials, but with none of the hassle of installation.

    All can be installed by a competent DIYer or any other tradesperson.


    Our panels are constructed by bonding High Pressure Laminate (HPL) to a Medite MR MDF core using a PVA (D4 rate) adhesive system to give a completely waterproof surface. This meets all the requirements of EN438. A balancing laminate is bonded to the reverse of the panel also using the PVA adhesive system. In short, your Wetwall panels will remain structurally stable, watertight and waterproof.


    Laminated panels feel much warmer than tiles and have a significantly lower u value (Thermal insulation) 3.4 typically compared to 5.9 (tiles). This means that Wetwall helps to keep your bathroom or shower room cosy – our panels lose less heat and are therefore more efficient. Also because our panels are guaranteed for 10 years, which is significantly greater than alternative materials, this reduces their need to be replaced as frequently hence the obvious environmental effect.


    For our acrylic system we now offer fully colour co-ordinated profiles meaning that every visible edge of your shower panel matches beautifully.


    All our panels are made on site in the same Perthshire factory since we first went into business over twenty years ago, in fact we’ve even still got one or two guys on the shop-floor who have been with us since then. It’s this expertise which keeps us at the top of our market and ensures that every panel manufactured today is made to the same high standard that we have maintained over the last twenty years.