2021 Bathroom Trends So Far

  • It’s been a year of bathroom renovations across the UK, and with that movement has grown an incredible bunch of new trends for 2021! We are now half-way into the year and have some clear winners for the 2021 favourites. So, if you’re looking to decorate your bathroom, we’ve got you covered below.

    1.       Tropical Spa

    Bring the outdoors, indoors with a tropical bathroom.

    With more of us living in smaller dwellings in city living, we’ve turned to houseplants to bring the greenery in to our homes that would otherwise be enjoyed in our garden. Not only do houseplants look great, they come with many benefits: they reduce carbon dioxide levels, filter out toxins and promote a sense of wellbeing, so it’s no surprise that there’s been a 70% YOY growth in sales across lockdown! This houseplant craze has stormed its way through our houses and made its way into our bathrooms – because who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re stepping into a spa in Bali for their morning shower?

    How to make the look.

    In the UK we might be missing the exotic humidity of a real tropical jungle, but with just a few creative touches the tropical spa feel can be executed with a big impact, and within a small budget. What are the three bare necessities? Bold textured walls, rustic, earthy accessories, and a houseplant… or 15.

    As the hero of this design, plants create an inviting and sophisticated ambiance to the room, and with easy-to-care-for succulents or air plants you can create a high-style bathroom that is extremely low-maintenance. Add a bamboo bath matt, laundry basket and a framed mirror and it quickly starts to bring the look together and make a warm and welcoming space.

    But of course, behind the splashes of nature and greenery is the tropical backdrop. Choosing the right colours and textures on your walls is essential to carrying off this style, and the trick is to keep the colours plain but with plenty of texture to add depth. Shades of cream and white, greys and browns radiate warmth and establish a plainer background, or to emphasise that spa feel, natural stones such as slate and marble are a stunning addition that really build on the layers.

    With Wetwall Shower Panels you do not have to splash out on the real materials. You can enjoy the look of slate or stone without the worry of maintaining the porous material!

    Have a look at our top 3 recommendations below:

    1. Light stone from our Laminate Range
    2. Sicilian Slate Natural from our Laminate Range
    3. Carrara Marble from our Laminate Range

    2.       Neutral Colours

    Neutral colour schemes are a timeless favourite in bathrooms because they help to create spaces that feel calm, inviting, and clean. They’re a smart choice for smaller bathrooms as the colours help to create a light and airy feel that maximises the space available. Paired with minimalist décor, this colour scheme radiates tranquillity, and is sure to be a family favourite.

    Not only does the neutral colour scheme look great in 2021, It’s a great choice to future proof your bathroom. No matter how you may decide to style your bathroom 5 years down the line, a neutral colour on your walls will be sure to compliment your direction and save on costly decorating.  

    How to make the look.

    A natural colour palette is not just about white; it can include warm browns, beige and light grey. Including a mix of tones and textures ensures that the simplicity of this colour scheme never gets boring, and the versatility of the colours means that you also have complete freedom of style when it comes to your sanitary wear. Not only will it look clean cut with bright, modern accessories, but it would be equally stunning paired with rich wooden tones to create a bolder look.

    So which shower panels would we put forward for this style? Here are our top three:

    1. Arctic Breeze from our Acrylic Range
    2. Mushroom from our Acrylic Range
    3. Natural Pearl from our Laminate Range

    3.       Industrial Bathroom

    And from one end of the spectrum to the other: our third trend is the big, blocky, boldness of industrial showers which is clearly here to stay.

    Taking inspiration from the ‘warehouse look’, Industrial bathrooms rely on strong, tough materials. Instead of focusing on sleek, elegant accessories, it takes inspiration from exposed brickwork, weathered surfaces, and repurposed furniture to build a style that is truly unique to each bathroom, with no two ever looking the same.

    How to make the look.

    The Industrial look was inspired by the many factories that popped up from the industrial revolution. While the look has now started appearing in our smaller, quiet homes without the tall ceilings and large windows, the basis of the look remains. The staples of this style are exposed brick, distressed wood and tiles. This bold, raw background then gives way to accessorise to your hearts content with copper, bronze or brass fittings to really hammer the style home.

    In opposition to a clear, minimalist bathroom, our industrial style also gives freedom to have open or laddered shelving, piping on display and rustic, warehouse-style lighting. It’s an impactful look that has so much opportunity for interpretation depending on your space and budget.

    Here’s three decors to get you started:

    1. White Tile from our Composite Range.
    2. Copper Alloy from our Laminate Range
    3. Dark Wood from our Laminate Range

    4.       Bright Colour Combos

    And our final style is… big, bold and beautiful! It’s time to have a little bit of fun in the bathroom, playing around with bright splashes of colour. It’s the definition of simple yet effective, and is such an exciting look. Whether you choose to have plain walls with bright accessories, or use the walls as the focal point of the room, there’s endless possibilities for how to interpret it for your own home.

    How to create the look.

    Our Acrylic Range is the go-to for eye-popping colour combinations. With the options of our solid or print collections we can mix and match panels to create show stopping bathrooms that impress even the harshest of critics. Have a look at our top three below:  

    1. Cubes from our Acrylic Print Range
    2. Lime from our Acrylic Colour Range
    3. Lemon from our Acrylic Pastels Range